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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Keep Employees Healthy with Onsite Flu Shots

Though we tend to associate flu symptoms with chilly winter days, we are unfortunately at risk for disease year round! In fact, late summer illnesses often carry greater consequences in the workplace because people merely treat their uncomfortable symptoms with over-the-counter meds instead of resting at home.

Onsite immunization programs are a great way to prevent illness and boost productivity throughout the year. The vaccine that individuals receive in the early fall months covers them through the most vulnerable days of winter, into spring, and can even carry over into the summer months. Overall, the flu vaccine  protects employees from getting sick for about six months after the shot. The newer nasal spray, or “flu mist” as some describe it, can protect against influenza for as many as nine months.

Why is it so important to keep employees healthy? Besides lower healthcare costs, healthy employees take fewer sick days and are less likely to suffer from presenteeism (when they’re at work, but unfocused and unproductive). Often, unhealthy employees will show up, coughing, sniffling, and running a fever just so they don’t use up a vacation day, but virtually no work is accomplished and they put others at risk for catching their bug.

An onsite flu clinic makes the vaccine available to employees who otherwise wouldn’t schedule a visit to the doctor. On average, the vaccine prevents contagion with the seasonal flu virus 7 out of 10 times. And, those who do catch what’s going around typically report lessened symptoms and return to work sooner than their un-vaccinated colleagues.

The flu vaccine is the single best way to prevent the flu, and vaccination is the main tool used to protect people from influenza.

Contact WCS today to learn more about onsite flu clinics and the various types of vaccinations available for the 2012-13 flu season.


Sam Apex said...

In order for these onsite flu shots to take place, qualified nurses will need to be onsite in order to aminister these flu shots. Without a Qualified Nurse, something could go very wrong including people not replacing needles.

Sam Apex

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