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Monday, September 10, 2012

Wellness Corporate Solutions Hosts Healthy Habits Tweet Chat Series #fitatwork

How does the culture of your office make (or break!) your healthy habits?

Join the Wellness Corporate Solutions coaching team (@corpwellness and @WCSCoaches) for a 1 hour #fitatwork tweet chat this Wednesday, September 12th at 1 pm EST to discuss work-life wellness culture and ways to change the office environment for the better.

Corpwellness is teaming up with popular dietitians and York Common Cents health blogger, Emileigh Clare, for the first chat in a series of workplace wellness twitter conversations.

Let’s get the dialogue flowing (in less than 140 characters!) and get to the heart of this issue. No matter your position in the office hierarchy, we’d love to hear your ideas, see what health initiatives you currently have in place at your office, and offer easy, actionable suggestions for improvement.

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