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Thursday, February 7, 2013

U.S. Army "Dream Strong": WCS on Channel One News!

One of our own made it big on Channel One News today!

Channel One reaches schools all across the country, which is why we're so excited. A message of wellness is exactly what our young people need to hear right now.

Now, about our star: Aside from being one of our most talented senior program managers, Leah Evert is a registered dietitian and U.S. Army reservist who loves sharing her knowledge of fitness and nutrition with other soldiers. Given that more and more soldiers are being forced out of the military because they fail to meet fitness requirements, this effort is crucial.

We feel so fortunate to have Leah on board, and we encourage other employers to support reservists. You could win the Patriot Award, just as WCS did last year!


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what is wcs?

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