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Friday, May 3, 2013

A Wellness Challenge Success Story

I received an e-mail recently from one of our wellness participants, and her words really touched my heart. I’d like to share her story. (I’ll call her Mary.)

For more than a decade, Mary had been steadily gaining weight -- usually no more than a few pounds a year, but enough to add up over time. She tried dieting on her own, but nothing worked. She told me how she felt when she came home from work in the evening: exhausted, irritable, and depressed.

Mary had never participated in her company’s wellness program before, but when she saw an announcement for an upcoming weight-loss challenge, she decided to give it a try. Several of her friends had signed up, and she thought the moral support would be helpful.

Her decision turned out to be life-changing. After years of trying to lose weight on her own, Mary finally received the support she needed. First-rate health education helped her make better food choices, and the encouragement of her teammates motivated her to start walking. By the end of the challenge, Mary had lost 10 pounds and was walking 30 miles a week. She even completed her first race a few weeks ago and has plans for more.

People like Mary remind me why we do what we do, and I’m so glad she shared her story with us. If you’re looking to energize your wellness program this spring, consider offering a wellness challenge. They’re fun, engaging, and they get results. (If you need ideas, just drop us a line!)

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