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Monday, June 10, 2013

Healthy Foods on the Menu at National Parks

On its twitter page, the National Park Service calls itself "America's Best Idea." If you've experienced the majesty of Yellowstone, Glacier or Grand Canyon, I'm sure you'll agree. One of our employees took the nearby picture of Bryce Canyon just a few weeks ago.

Kudos to the National Park Service for issuing new rules that will require healthier food options throughout the park system, which includes the many monuments of Washington, DC.

The Washington Post reports that Alice Waters, well-known restauranteur and longtime advocate of eating locally, made a salad from greens she found at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado because the park's food was "brought in from God knows where, maybe dropped from another planet."

(I can't speak to the legality of salad-harvesting at a national park, but you have to admit -- the woman is resourceful!)

So what can you do to promote healthy habits at your office this week?

If you normally bring sweets to a staff meeting, try a healthier option. (Out of ideas? Just send @WCSCoaches a tweet -- our coaches love to talk healthy snacks!) Or, you could challenge your department to bring in a healthy lunch one day this week, then eat together and share recipe ideas. If your office is like ours, you'll discover a chef among your ranks!

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