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Friday, June 7, 2013

What a Hardware Store Can Teach Us About Wellness

DC's Capitol Hill neighborhood is mourning the loss of an institution this week. After more than a century in business, Frager's Hardware Store was destroyed by fire on Wednesday. As the building burned, residents watched in horror, many in tears.

When reporters asked what made Frager's so special, everyone's answer was the same: the people who worked there. 

"If your house was robbed, as is common on the Hill, they could change your locks," Michelle Boorstein wrote in yesterday's Post. "If you needed someone to help you move a piece of furniture, you could call Frager’s and someone would literally pop by for 15 minutes. If you wanted to attempt a home improvement project they were always happy to help, so long you understood everyone involved in the transaction might need a little improvement."

Put simply, Frager's employees weren't just the backbone of the business -- they were the business.

Our clients understand get this. It's why they offer biometric screenings, wellness challenges, health coaching, and so many other programs aimed at improving their employees' lives. They understand that investing in their employees is investing in themselves.

(This weekend, Frager's will sell garden supplies at Eastern Market, a few blocks from its old location. They plan to be back in business by this time next year.)

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