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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hospital Systems in Need of Wellness (Part 1)

We came across an interesting white paper recently that focuses on the challenges facing hospital systems when it comes to wellness. You can download it here (PDF). Ironically, hospital employees are less healthy and consume more health care services than average workers.

The paper lists ten recommendations for creating a culture of wellness -- tips that could be useful for any organization. I encourage you to take a closer look.

WCS has performed biometric screenings for a number of large hospital systems, and I can tell you that their needs are unique. Hospital employees are incredibly busy and work nonstandard shifts, so we have to adjust our screening model accordingly. In some cases, we've set up mobile screening units that our staff take from floor to floor, screening as they go. Flexibility is key.

You might ask why a hospital system even needs a screening vendor. After all, it's a hospital! Well, there are many reasons, and that will be the subject of Part 2. Stay tuned!

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