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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Personalized Wellness is Gaining Steam

I've blogged often about the importance of flexibility in wellness. No employer wants cookie-cutter solutions, yet many wellness vendors continue to offer the same tired programming to every client. (Customization? Forget it! What you see is what you get.)

A recent article in Fast Company takes aim at one-size-fits all wellness initiatives, arguing that the future of wellness is in adapting to the individual participant. I couldn't agree more.

Imagine you're working with a nationwide hotel chain. Most employees don't have traditional desk jobs -- they work in housekeeping, or engineering, or in the hotel restaurant. How do you reach them?

WCS solved this problem by developing a unique strategy to select and train employee wellness champions. Because champions are employees themselves, they act as our "boots on the ground," educating fellow coworkers about the program and boosting engagement.

Imagine you're working with a construction company. The wellness program is moving from participation-based to outcomes-based, and biometric screenings are being introduced for the first time. How do you ease the transition?

Our fantastic health educators became the face of the program, present at every screening to guide at-risk participants toward telephonic health coaching and other resources. They helped employees understand the requirements of the program, as well as the many ways WCS would be there to help them reach their goals.

I welcome the trend toward more tailored, personalized wellness programming. Because let's face it: "one-size-fits-all" ends up fitting no one.

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