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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Financial Wellness On the Rise

Some years ago, we designed a wellness program for a small regional bank: biometric screenings, health coaching, wellness challenges, an online portal -- all the elements you'd expect to find in a wellness program. Then one day our client contact asked an unusual question: "Do you offer financial wellness?"

The concept was new to us, so we asked him to explain. "Don't you agree that financial health can have an impact on physical health?" he asked. "After all, if you have trouble managing money, you're probably stressed. And that could lead to other health problems and reduced productivity at work."

As it turns out, our client contact was ahead of his time. The Wall Street Journal reported recently that a number of companies have begun offering classes on retirement planning and mortgages alongside seminars on healthy eating and exercise. It's part of their overall wellness strategy.

Today's workers have to manage their professional finances (retirement plans, health insurance), along with mortgages, college savings, debt management, and much more. It's a source of real stress. If you agree that wellness means achieving balance in the areas of physical, emotional, and environmental health, then financial wellness simply makes good business sense.

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