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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Surgeon General Seeks to Promote Wellness and Prevention

We're happy to report that Vivek Murthy has finally been confirmed as Surgeon General of the United States. His confirmation was delayed by politics, but his qualifications are exemplary and we're glad he's now at his post.

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Murthy emphasized the importance of promoting wellness and prevention in the workplace. "[M]ake activity a greater part of the work day," he said. "That includes shifting meetings, whenever possible, to walking meetings. That involves encouraging folks to take the stairs whenever possible, and leading by example, from the very top of the organization down."

As a practicing physician, Murthy treated many patients who suffered from preventable conditions. He's now a strong advocate of prevention. "[Many doctors] realize that if we had a system that could care for people better, that was actually more focused on prevention than our current system, that we may be able to prevent a lot of the illness, the suffering, and the health care costs that we see in our current world," he said.

As Surgeon General, Murthy sees himself as "an educator, as a convener, and as a catalyst." Let's hope he brings his strong commitment to wellness and prevention straight to Congress!

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