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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Schedule Your Biometric Screenings Early

With Memorial Day behind us, you and your employees are probably looking forward to well-deserved summer vacations. The last thing on your mind is the fall -- but at WCS, we're always thinking about fall. It's when most of our clients offer biometric screenings.

Even if you've offered screenings before, it pays to start early. Our Program Managers are experts at guiding clients through the planning process, but there are quite a few details to consider:

  • Will you offer fasting or non-fasting screenings? Fingerstick or venipuncture?
  • When and where will the screening be held? Is there space reserved?
  • How many participants do you expect? Do you know last year's participation?
  • Do you plan to offer health education with a registered dietitian?
  • Will off-site options be available for those who can't attend the screening?
  • Will the data be uploaded to third parties or other wellness vendors?

Whether you're organizing a biometric screening for the first time or the tenth time, don't wait. Start planning today. The key to a smooth implementation is careful preparation -- and a screening partner with extensive experience. If you're still looking for the perfect screening vendor, drop us a line. We happen to know one with more than a decade of experience!

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