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Friday, May 29, 2015

Treadmill Desk Etiquette 101

Recent studies have found that the average American spends up to eight hours a day sitting. In a traditional workplace environment, many employees spend a good portion of their time at desks in front of a computer. In an attempt to combat what is being called "sitting disease," some workers are choosing to utilize desks that allow them to remain active while working at the same time. In many offices, a treadmill desk is the perfect solution, allowing associates to get out of their chairs for improved fitness and workplace wellness.

Those interested in using a treadmill desk may wonder how the devices fit in in a typical work environment. There is etiquette that users should consider in order to make everyone comfortable with a new setup.

Holding Conversations With Coworkers

When approached while walking, there are several options to consider employing, including the following:

·       Continue walking while carrying on a quick conversation or answering a question
·       Step onto the platforms on either side of the belt for a slightly longer discussion
·       Stop the belt completely while remaining standing at the desk
·       Stop the belt and step off to give full attention to the coworker

It may make some fellow employees uncomfortable to hold discussions while walking on the treadmill, so it is important to communicate preferences with individual co-workers to avoid issues. In general, the length and topic of a conversation should dictate whether or not it is appropriate to continue walking.

Preventing Excess Sweating

While walking at a treadmill desk, it is natural for body temperatures to rise. As a result, some people may begin to sweat. This can be prevented by using a small fan that produces enough of a breeze to stay cool while walking at a slow pace.

Making a Phone Call While Walking

Holding a phone while on a treadmill can be a challenge. A headset is a better option, as it allows for hands-free talking and walking at the same time. Some experts have found that phone calls are actually more productive when the employee is moving at a slow pace, since users are less likely to stumble over words or fill gaps with unnecessary speaking.

Reducing Treadmill Noise

The installation of a treadmill desk should not impact the productivity of fellow employees. Keeping the machine well-lubricated should keep friction sounds at bay, but it may also be beneficial to mount sound-absorbing foam panels on office walls to prevent noise from bothering other people.

Spending long stretches of time sitting can be bad for overall fitness, but getting out of your chair periodically to stretch, stand, or even walk on a treadmill can be great for both workplace wellness and productivity.

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