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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The History of Exercise, Colorized!

The fitness craze that exists today might feel like a modern development, but the concept of physical fitness goes back centuries. From athletic training sessions, to casual games of football on the lawn, to strict P.E. classes in school, we’ve been exercising in a similar fashion for longer than most of us realize.

We looked back at old-timey, black & white, fitness photos from the Library of Congress and had them colorized to highlight what’s changed and what’s stayed the same!

1. "Exercise tests would give way to broad physical education under the new approach to fitness in our schools" (c. 1962)

2. "Schoolboys exercising, Washington, D.C." (c. 1899)

3. "Female student exercising with a wall-mounted device using ropes and pulleys, Western High School, Washington, D.C." (c. 1899)

4. Female students exercising with bowling pins, Western High School, Washington, D.C. (c.1899)

5. "Daniel Field, Georgia. Air Service Command. A weight-lifting class, part of the voluntary physical program" (c. 1943)

6. "Girls in house gym" (c. 1920)

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